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Star Drops™ Journey Kits

- deep relaxation therapy - 

“evolving the art of elemental alchemy”

Star Drops™ Chakra Journey Kit

The Star Drops™ Chakra Journey Kit contains all of our Star Drops™ and the Clear Mind Refresher spray for this deep relaxation therapy and the entire kit is tuned to 528 hertz.

The Star Drop™ Chakra Journey Kit Contains:

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*The Waters are ONLY included in the kit and are not for sale individually.

  1. Crown Jewel Star Drops ™ 

  2. Root Star Drops™

  3. Rose Star Drops™

  4. Clear Mind Star Drops™

  5. Dreamcatcher Star Drops™

  6. Subtle Wind Star Drops™

  1. Secret Fire Star Drops™

  2. Neroli Star Drops™

  3. Melissa Star Drops™

  4. Double Space Water*

  5. Fire Water*

  6. Clear Mind Legendary Refresher™

  7. Star Drops™ Journey Chart

Star Drops™ Element Journey Kit

The Element kit is used to balance the elements within.  This kit is great for bodyworkers and therapists or ceremonialists. You can add your personal ritual of connecting to the elemental energies as you apply these Star Drops™ to your being.






Star Drops™ Lucid Dream Journey Kits

Apply the Windhorse Dream Kit formulations to your forehead, back of the neck and temples before you go to sleep to promote lucid dream states and to support awareness of your dreams. 

Lucid Dream Kit

Lucid Dream Kit includes: Dreamcatcher Star Drops™ and Clear Mind Nectar Extreme.


Lucid Dream Deluxe Journey Kit                

Lucid Dream Kit includes: Dreamcatcher Star Drops™, Clear Mind Nectar Extreme, Clear Mind Star Drops™, and Dreamcatcher Legendary Refresher.

Lucid Dream Extreme Journey Kit

Lucid Dream Kit includes: Dreamcatcher Star Drops™, Clear Mind Nectar Extreme, Clear Mind Star Drops™, Dreamcatcher Legendary Refresher™, Crown Jewel Star Drops™, and Rose Star Drops™.

Gentle Lightning Journey Kit

Gentle Lightning Kit includes: Crown Jewel Star Drops™, Clear Mind Star Nectar™, Rose Star Nectar™, Root Star Nectar™, and Internal Rose Star Drops™.

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The 528 hertz Freenote Resonator

for use in the Star Drops™ Chakra Journey

Hand made with love in Crestone.

Photo by Bill Ellzey

Our Star Drops™ Journeys are a great way to deeply relax in a short amount of time. During these journeys, subtle energetic blocks may be gracefully released, there is nothing to do but be aware. Using Star Drops™ Journeys may assist the body in healing itself due to their ability to help the body deeply relax. After the Star Drops™ and the Waters have been administered, and before the Legendary Refresher™ is misted, other therapies such as massage, may be used to maximize the therapeutic quality of the treatment.

Our Gift for a limited time only: Pinyon ‘Live Oil’ recipe

“528 hertz is said to be the frequency of Love. Nasa has recorded it as the frequency of the Sun and the Earth.  This frequency is said to repair DNA, open our energy centers bringing space and light to our being which frees us to be in this world and not of it.”

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The Set of Six Solfeggio Freenotes:

396 - 417 - 528 - 639 - 741 - 852

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