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Our mineral salts come from pristine waters in the Atlantic Ocean.  Our products are created to help relax and uplift your spirit, allowing the space for your body to heal itself.  Often times, healing comes from our ability to connect with the stillness within and to release into our spaciousness. 

Our signature Star Drops™ Chakra Journey is a guided chakra meditation journey with our products applied to anointing points on the body.  The Star Drops™ Chakra Journey helps to quiet the mind, relax the body and unwind constriction allowing your spirit to expand and travel consciously with the Windhorse.  The Star Drops™ Chakra Journey Chart guides you through this chakra meditation and a laminated version is included in the Star Drops™ Chakra Journey kit.

all our formulas are infused with the vibration of 528 hz


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“evolving the art of elemental alchemy”

“When one is relaxed and centered, one has the ability to consciously go very deep, to a place where the heart opens, the energy field aligns the body with the mind, and healing occurs naturally.” - Peter May, Windhorse Botanicals originator

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Our Gift for a limited time only: Pinyon ‘Live Oil’ recipe

In the Tibetan culture, the Windhorse is the symbol for the Life-force energy.  At Windhorse Botanicals, we make our alchemical preparations for the purpose of uplifting the body, energy and mind.  Our ormus-infused botanicals are meticulously designed to harmonize your energy allowing for more love, health and inspiration to be in your being.

Our materials are sustainably wildcrafted with conscious forest stewardship in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. 

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